Wallis is a heavy-hitting techno producer, DJ, label owner and mastering engineer based in Berlin. Using an array of synthesizers, effects units, and experimental studio techniques, Wallis produces confrontational and urgent techno that shifts constantly between different patterns and atmospheres.

Described by promoter and podcast series The Brvtalist as “one of the most dynamic artists emerging on the global scene”, she released 9 podcasts in 2019, among which one on Boiler Room, Possession, Ismus and Grounded. Monument magazine listed her as one of the “5 emerging techno producers in Germany”: she released music on various labels such as VENT, Killekill’s sub-label Death By Rainbow, Eradys or Ismus, launched her very own label Jell in September, and got her music featured on youtube channels such as Kande, Hate and the29nov films. Promoter Strictly Forbidden describes her live sets as “unapologetic and merciless, an ever-evolving set-up always based upon one main instrument: her modular synthesizer.” Having played at Berlin clubs Säule of Berghain, Tresor and Griessmühle, to name a few, she holds a residency in :// about blank at the Upperberry party, and plays all over Europe and further.