Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing’s f riendly demeanour and beaming smile make him enormously recognisable i n t he modern electronic music l andscape, but i t’s t he years of passionate dedication t o his craft as an artist that have made him synonymous with Techno.

A pioneer of t he European contribution t o t he story of Techno, t he Giessen (Germany) born producer and DJ has been active t he world over since t he 1990s and, at every stage of his career, has helped create a platform f or other artists, not t o mention t he scene i n general t o f lourish. Whether via his long-running CLR i mprint, affiliated podcast and club nights, his current radio show AM/FM or his 2020 Alone Together streams and DJs & Beers ‘ talk show’, Liebing t he curator extends way beyond his DJ sets.

Since 2018’s ‘ Burn Slow’ LP on Mute, Liebing’s musical direction has grown t o encompass some of his earliest i nfluences. Taking i n nascent 80’s electronica, psychedelic melodies and an unmistaken seam of alternative music of t he past 40 years, ‘ Burn Slow’ and remixes f or Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp heralded a new chapter f or Liebing t hat continues i n 2021 with t he arrival of his ‘ Another Day’ LP.

Although now i ncorporating a wider range of sounds i nto his work and performances, Liebing has no interest i n l eaving darkened rooms and dancefloors behind and, with t he return of CLR i n 2021, we can l ook f orward t o more of his unmistakable presence pushing Techno f orward f or years t o come.