One of the UK’s finest DJ/Producers and one of the founders of Formation Records, DJ SS aka Leroy Small is an original breakbeat pioneer who has made an immense contribution to today’s drum & bass sound.

SS is one of the very select DJ / Producers who has been there right from the start, due to the hard work and dedication that he puts into his music. When the hardcore scene exploded SS was thereand hasn’t looked back. He and his partner Eidris started promoting their own parties called Total Kaos every Friday in their hometown of Leicester. They also put on one of the first large indoor parties at Donnington Park in the summer of 91. It was an amazing success and 6000 people danced till dawn

After so many years in the game, 2003 saw the 100th release on Formation Records. The confirmed tracks included the huge track ‘Warriors’ by Distorted Minds, which was caned on dub by everyone lucky enough to have a copy, also ‘Heavy Metal’ by Twisted Individual, which Grooverider championed. Other featured artist’s included Hazard, Influx Datum, DJSS, Zen and Generation Dub.

DJ-SS is now celebrating 20 years of Formation records, and 11years of World of Drum & Bass which is the longest consecutive D&B tour and a phenomenal achievement in any music genre