Dogger & Mindstate

Manchester-born Rob Smith has been creating music since an early age, after being a drummer in several bands during his teens, Rob developed a taste for the electronic side of music and studied to be an audio engineer graduating in 2009. Since then Dogger has been quietly crafting his music to a point where we are finally getting to hear what he has been working on.


Dave ‘Mindstate’ Snaddon – UK Drum and bass producer from London/Bristol – Mindstate has been working on the more soulful/musical side of drum and bass for a few years now, 2019 is the year people will hear this sound come to light. Releases in 2019 include the Broken Home EP on Alix Perez’ 1985 music – a collaborative project with Dogger and Liam Bailey, also projects with MC DRS on Space Cadet Records.