Benny L

Growing up, music was the centre point of Benny L’s life. After learning a range of instruments, from drums, the piano, trumpet and even the violin he dedicated some of his most formative years to perfecting his craft. Although this could only be expected, after all, he grew up alongside family members who also took just as much time pouring over their own musicality. He was always given something to play, but it was his older brother who would eventually lead him to his first set of decks. However he was never allowed to lay his hands on the turntables, instead, he spent time listening to him spin everything from Jungle to Garage. Benny also began to search out the pirate radio stations in his local area, helping him develop his own musical tastes, which only grew as he got older. His brother would regularly head down to SwagRecordsandBig AppleinCroydon, withBennywaiting patiently for his return to hear about his weekly exploits. And whenBennyeventually started purchasing his own music, he’d lay his hands on drum & Bass Arena ‘The Classics’ Compilation, mixed by Goldie in 2005, as well as Dillinja’s Cybotronalbum, which would go on to blow his ears away on first listen