DVS1’s status as one of the world’s most revered DJs and prominent voices in the preservation of true club culture is built upon an all-encompassing love of music, deep respect for his craft, and experiences in the ‘90s midwest rave scene. His sets, powerful and high-energy affairs, honor these roots while evidencing a versatility, sensitivity, and understanding for making people dance that comes only with years of commitment in pushing the boundaries of sound at the most renowned clubbing institutions, among them Berghain/Panorama Bar, where he’s one of few residents capable of working both floors. Whether he’s spinning a rare house set or racing, straight techno to pitch-black rooms, the DVS1 experience is unforgettable.

Khutoretsky’s story begins in Minneapolis, his family’s adopted home having emigrated from St. Petersburg. A rebellious adolescent, he immersed himself in rave culture, throwing parties with massive sound systems, starting his own club, and sourcing music, the foundation of a collection that now exceeds 30,000 records. DVS1 gained localized notoriety as a promoter and DJ, but it took a pair of 12-inches on Klockworks and Transmat before his name transcended the scene that his legendary DIY parties had ignited. The focal point of this operation was HUSH, a promotion and sound system outfit that now encompasses a label which in 2016 celebrated its 20th anniversary with HUSH20, a rare but typically sharp production outing from DVS1 himself with a focus on the kind of refined and purist techno he contributed to the Ostgut Ton Zehn compilation and exhibits through his Fabric 96 mix.