Since its inception back in the early 90’s Jungle drum & bass has developed at an amazing rate, yet certain themes and characteristics have remained true – The charisma, presence and distinctive voice of MC GQ is one such characteristic of the scene that has stood firm…

MC-ing at the top of the chain for more than 20 years has taken GQ to all the corners of the globe, seen him achieve chart success and in 1999 an opportunity to establish his very own record label. ‘Emcee Recordings’ became reality that has since spawned many of todays top hitters in the music industry such as Breakage, Jubei & SP: MC, Clipz now known as Redlight also Sabre who now records as IvyLab and many others. With a wealth of new artists on board Emcee recordings continues to find new talent across the globe and at home in the UK.

GQ has always been a DJ’s MC, seeing his role as a middle man between the DJ and the crowd rather than constantly demanding centre stage. GQ’s lyrical style and delivery has influenced many of todays drum and bass Mc’s. His versatility is such that he has always been able to switch up to double time and tear down a big festival, or keep the crowd bubbling in a smaller intimate venue.