Mark E.T & Cersy

Mark-E.T is a hybrid being sent to earth with the purpose of bringing alien grooves and weighty kicks to international dance floors. His music is inspired heavily by the Berlin and Eastern European techno scene as this alien has a thing for hypnotic beats and hard-hitting drums, some of his latest music also encapsulates the sounds of trance and its extraterrestrial nature. All this combined is what influences the fascinating sounds of Mark-E.T!

The sounds of Mark-E.T started when he crash-landed in Cheshire however, he has recently brought his unique sound over to Liverpool, the city he now calls home. He has made his mark on the scene supporting the likes of DJ SPIT, DJ Gigola, Aloka, and many more. Also co-founding the event First Contact which encapsulates Mark-E.T’s alien ideas and brings them to the dance floor for human beings to enjoy.

If you see this alien BEWARE! It is not known whether he is safe or not.