Nookie & FiveAlive

Undoubtedly one of the leading lights in the Drum & Bass scene, Nookie (aka Cloud 9, Freddy Fudpukker, Main Attraction, Private Productions, Second Vision, Traces Of Guilt and Windy Milla) is London Herts DJ, producer, artist and remixer Gavin Cheung.

Nookie is a true veteran of the drum & bass scene whilst at the same time one of its most forward-thinking protagonists. With dozens of releases on key labels such as Reinforced, Moving Shadow, Labello Blanco, Penny Black, Good Looking and his own Strictly Digital and Phuzion, almost a hundred remixes and five albums under his belt,

Nookie has been one of the most prolific drum and bass producers keeping a perfect balance between quality and quantity.

An early fan of hip-hop and electro, Gavin Cheung was a member of a break-dance crew that also recorded several sessions during the mid-’80s. After studying for several years, he began working in a record store around the time of the acid-house explosion of the late ’80s. Debuting on wax with a ragga/hip-hop remix of Ninjaman’s “Zig It Up” in 1990, Cheung was a proper player in Britain’s growing hardcore techno scene of the early ’90s.

Kicking off his production career in the early nineties, releasing under the names Nookie and Cloud 9, he released some of the period’s seminal works on crucial labels such as Reinforced, Moving Shadow Penny Black, Labello Blanco, as well as his own Daddy Armshouse (co-owned with his long-time friend Pedro, and with a number of releases to his credit). As his career developed he established more long-term affiliations most notably with Ray Keith, for whom he engineered for many years, including on the classic “Terrorist” under Ray Keith’s “Renegade” moniker, and LTJ Bukem’s label Good Looking.