Like many of the other artists instrumental in the development of drum ‘N’ bass in the 1990s, PHD used his background and interest in electro and hip-hop to help develop the breakbeat-driven genre in Britain. Besides having roots in the early-’80s electro/hip-hop scene, PHD also found substantial influence in ’70s jazz and soul-funk fusion as well as the breakbeat work of early-’80s DJs such as Grandmaster Flash.

By the late ’80s, he began investigating the acid house sounds that were quickly invading Britain, amazed by the number of possible directions in which these new sounds could head. By the early ’90s, when an infant breakbeat scene began to flourish in his country, PHD quickly became involved, first as a DJ then later as a producer.

With time, he became affiliated with LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking camp, finding his music released on records such as the label’s acclaimed Earth series. In addition, PHD also used his own label, Ascendant Grooves, as a vehicle for his music and that of others. Furthermore, he also found time to get involved with Good Looking’s Words 2 B Heard collective, which aims to further the live possibilities of musicians, vocalists, and technology.