Miss Trouble

Miss Trouble is an emcee, singer, songwriter from West London who has been lighting up stages across the globe for the past 2 decades, captivating audiences across the full spectrum of drum & bass. She has been the distinctive voice on many dance records with labels such as Full Cycle, Hed Kandi, Funkatech and Viper Recordings.

Miss Trouble has performed at some of the most renowned international club shows and festivals such as Tomorrowland, Let It Roll, Reading and Nass, and is a proud member of the Viper Recordings family as one of the resident hosts for Viper:Live events. Additionally, she is the curator and host of the monthly Viper Podcast. In 2014, Miss Trouble joined forces with Insideinfo to create their groundbreaking track “Metamorphosis”. She has since released music with Joe Ford (Shogun Audio), Synergy (Eatbrain), Muzzy & Flite (Monstercat), Mindscape (Eatbrain), Maztek (0101) and most recently Dub Elements (DEM).