Smokin Pandas

The founders of one of the biggest drum and bass YouTube channels proudly present their
alter ego Smokin’ Pandas. You all know the classic logo associated with every single video, now you get to witness the show for real with an exclusive back to back DJ showcase featuring the best in everything jungle and drum and bass.

Don’t be fooled by JumpUp Caves domineer as the sets you’re about to witness will not only include brash, in your face jump up but a whole host of various flavours across the 175 spectrum. Another bonus of booking this talented duo is the fact that the whole show is themed including a pair of wicked panda suits! With just shy of 200,000 followers on YouTube alone, this popular double act has already
made a serious impact.

(Performing showcases all over Europe at events such as: Let It Roll Festival, Drop That in
Prague, Switch in Austria, Rampage takeover at Fabric London, Escape 2 festival in
Corfu,and much more…)