Not many DJs can claim to experience as meteoric, grassroots ascent as SPFDJ. Having established remarkable energy, style, and attitude on the underground techno circuits of both London and Berlin, she is known for inspiring debauchery and sweat-soaked hedonism on an international scale.

Typically operating at a blisteringly high tempo, an SPFDJ trip takes no prisoners in its exploration of strains of techno, acid, EBM, hardcore, and trance. It’s a style that Ben UFO called “utterly ruthless”, and one that more and more clubbers are submitting to; a gleefully chaotic two-fingers to dance music’s self-serious establishment.

With a specific, uncompromising musical vision in mind, SPFDJ’s monthly residency on Rinse FM further cements her ability to speak for the cutting edge of rave as well as revisiting the genre’s vast archive; rediscovering, recontextualising, and reintroducing some of the most forward-thinking, and irresistible electronic music ever made, her dedicated mixes have found favour with both veterans of the genre and a fresh-blooded, thirsty generation of clubbers. Mixes for i-D and Discwoman have further cemented her formidable reputation for mixing the sonically impenetrable.