Will there be camping at the event?

There are no camping or overnight facilities at the event.

Will there be a cloak room?

Yes, this year we have partnered with ‘Go Hangers’ who will offer a range of services:

Lockers (up to 3 people)
Phone charging
Portable charger
Will there be somewhere to charge my phone?

Yes, this year we have partnered with ‘Go Hangers’ who will offer a range of services:

Lockers (up to 3 people)
Phone charging
Portable charger
Can I bring my own drinks to the event?

It is strictly prohibited to bring your own drinks, whether alcoholic or soft into the event. All drinks will be confiscated by the security personnel upon entry and disposed of.

Can I bring drugs into the event?

The One maintains a zero-tolerance policy on all non-prescription drugs. The event prohibits the use or possession of any recreational drugs. When the security personnel spots or confirms any infringements to this policy, the offender can be handed over to the police. The sale of drugs is also not permitted and again the offender can be handed over to the police when caught.  Before entering the event you will be presented with designated drugs barrels where you can deposit unwanted substances without being charged with any consequences.

Can I bring my own food?

Bringing your own food is prohibited at the event.

Can I bring prescribed medication to the event?

The use of prescription medication is allowed when the medication is proven to be required on medical grounds and is still sealed. In any case, the user needs to have a signed statement by a doctor. In addition to the written statement, identification with an ID or a passport will also be requested.

Can I buy tickets at the entrance?

When an event is sold out, you cannot buy tickets at the entrance.

Can I promote other events while at The One?

The One prohibits the distribution of flyers, posters and/or banners or other promotional activities at the event and/or parking areas without prior consent of the organisation.

Do I need to bring Identification?

Our security personnel may request identification from any person they believe to be under the age of 18. If you do not have a valid identity document you will be denied access without being given the right to obtain a refund of the entry fee. Valid identification is required in the form of a passport, or driving license. Paper copies will not be accepted.

I have lost my ticket, what should I do?

If you misplaced your ticket please contact your ticket provider directly for assistance. Failing that please complete the form in the contact us section and one of our team will be in contact asap to help.

Is the event cash or cashless?

The event is strictly cashless – We will be contacting all ticket holders closer to the event so you can open your account and load up your money in advance of the event. There will also be a top-up station at the entrance to the event.

Is The One in the Woods an + 18 event?

Visitors under 18 will not be allowed (even when accompanied by a parent, guardian and / or other adults).

Is there somewhere to eat?

There will be a range of food and drink vendors on-site and these will include vegan and vegetarian options as well.

What does it cost to park at the event?

There is parking available at the event for a small charge of £4 per vehicle and 50% of the proceeds will go to Charity.

Once you enter the woodlands you will not be able to access the car park until you ready to leave.

What else am I not allowed to bring to the event?

Our policy requires that all attendants do not enter the event under the influence of drugs. When noticed you will be denied access without the right to a ticket refund. As well, it is forbidden to enter the event area with the following products or materials: Soft drugs, hard drugs, food, (alcoholic) drinks, glassware, plastic bottles, cans, flags, poles, walking sticks (except medical crutches and walking aids when proven to be required,) pets, weapons or other objects that could be used as a weapon, aerosols, fireworks, professional video audio or recording and photographic equipment (other than mobile phones.)

What is The One in the Woods?

The one In The woods is an opportunity to escape reality for 2-days, where you will witness some of the worlds finest drum & Bass and techno music in a venue unlike any other.

Stay tuned for updates as the experience starts to unfold.

Will there be a security check upon entry to the event?

Each visitor that enters the event area will be thoroughly checked by a security employee. Our policy states that each person will be allowed to request that the search is executed by an employee of the same sex. This check is in place for all visitors, guests, employees and artists in order to protect the general safety of every person at the event. By refusing the check you will be denied access to the event.